5 Ways to Spot a Synthetic Diamond

Year after year the fakes are getting harder to distinguish. At Pease & Curren, although we do not claim to be gemologists, we continually upgrade our testing equipment to keep in step with the fast growing synthetic diamond market. It used to be we could “frost” the stones. Frosting is a chemical process during which… Read More »

Gold Price Rises- So Do the Fakes

Increase in demand for coins is brought on by the increase of the gold price this year.  Although forgeries have been around for centuries, they sometimes get better with age.  Buyer Beware.

The “Karat Creep”

As many of our customers know, we often perform random spot checks on incoming refining jobs.  Lately we have noticed a few lots that are not as they seem. Our VP of Operations likes to call it the “Karat Creep”. Some customers send in monthly so the “Karat Creep” is not noticed right away but… Read More »

Uncovering the fugazi

I was in our factory today speaking with our operations manager about content for our Buyer Beware newsletter.  We came across an old school fake, found it interesting, and figured we would share on this Friday afternoon.  It’s a “Fugazi Friday”.

The view from my office window

When I tell people where I work, they just can’t visualize it.  I have a window in my office that overlooks the factory- I often forget how cool that really is. #Gold pour

Happy Memorial Day

This weekend we take time to remember and honor those who died while serving in our US armed forces. The words “thank you” do not seem powerful enough but we sincerely thank you for your ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. With honor and remembrance, Happy Memorial Day. Here is some footage from our 2016… Read More »