The “Karat Creep”

As many of our customers know, we often perform random spot checks on incoming refining jobs.  Lately we have noticed a few lots that are not as they seem. Our VP of Operations likes to call it the “Karat Creep”.

Some customers send in monthly so the “Karat Creep” is not noticed right away but the slow creep can make a big difference.  For example: a customer sends in 10oz. of gold monthly, if every time they send in the lot is 2% off, that’s over an ounce of gold in 6 months.  If you are sending in more ounces this can quickly add up to thousands lost.

Gold Fineness Chart

Keeping in mind the gold purity standards (shown), here are some examples:

Karat 1_pic9 Karat 1_pic10

Hallmark says 14K but the purity is only 55.75

Karat 8_pic 5 Karat 8_pic 8

Hallmark says 14K but it is stamped over-very strange. The actual purity is 46.19

TIP: Check the date on your testing acids.  Expired acids sometimes give inaccurate results.

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