6 Ways to Test Your Scrap Gold

The most tried and true ways to test gold in the field. Learn more.

How Gold Is Refined: A Step-By-Step Guide

Part of being an honest gold refiner is making sure our customers know what happens each step of the way. Learn more.

West Point Legacy Lives On at the 17th Annual Ring Melting Ceremony

Melting of 41 West Point Graduates’ Rings for Class of 2018 Celebrates the Bond between Alumni and Cadets. Read More

Check out our Enhanced Stone Removal Process

Revolutionary proprietary filtering process guarantees all diamonds are recovered, even the smallest of melee. Read More

Introducing “Direct Buy” – hassle free reclaimed diamond buying services

Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century, introduces Direct Buy Diamond Buying Services. Read More

Renews commitment to processing only conflict-free gold

In recent years the topic of gold mining in high risk regions has brought great controversy to the precious metals market. Read More

Now Offering Precious Metals Loss Prevention Audits to manufacturers

Pease & Curren now offers complimentary Precious Metals Loss Prevention Audits to Jewelry Manufacturers- see what you are leaving on the table . Read More

Pease & Curren Refiners Releases a New Capabilities Video

Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century releases a new corporate capabilities video. Read More

Proper Disposal of Dental and Medical X-ray film

Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century, aids in educating and disposing of dental and medical X-ray film. Read More

West Point Legacy Lives On

Pease & Curren refinery is proud to host the Class of 2017 West Point Ring Melt Ceremony at the Warwick, Rhode Island location. Read More

Pease & Curren celebrates 100 years in the refining business

Pease & Curren refinery celebrates one hundred years in business as of January 2016.  The company was founded by Francis H. Curren and Charles Pease in 1916. Read More

Pease & Curren Refinery introduces Choice Diamond Service

Choice Diamond is a complimentary, value added appraisal service available to customers who use our Premium Stone Removal Process. Read More

Pease & Curren Refinery introduces Vault, a new 24 hour precious metals tracking and refining customer portal

Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for almost a century, introduces the Pease & Curren Vault. The Pease & Curren Vault is a secure, online customer portal designed to track and maximize refining and recycling. Read More

Pease & Curren Introduces the Corporate Retail Advantage Program for Retail Jewelers

The Corporate Retail Advantage Program is a retail jewelry recycling and precious metals reclamation program designed to maximize and track the return for jewelry retailers and bench jewelers with multiple locations and/or larger facilities. Read More

Pease & Curren Refiners now offers a fiber-solution refining process to recover all precious metals in less time.

The Pease & Curren fiber solution recovery process increases precious metals recovery yield while reducing traditional refining and solutions processing costs. Optimal applications include: to refine electroplating baths, drag out rinses and solutions for various markets including: aerospace, dental and jewelry. Read More

Precious Metal Refining Do’s & Don’ts

At Pease & Curren, we put our customers first. As part of our commitment to customer relationships, we are committed to transparency and integrity of our business practices. We have put together some useful tips and information to help evaluate and foster a productive relationship with your precious metals refiner. Read More >

The Long Gray Line, Continued – 2014 Ring Melt

Pease & Curren helps to unite generations of West Point graduates, one ring at a time. The table stood at the head of the assembly area, before the rows of seated West Point graduates and gray-suited cadets—the next generation of the Academy’s “Long Gray Line.” The audience also contained the spouses and children of many graduates who could not be there, but were represented among the 29 framed alumni biographies that lay on the table; on top of each rested that alum’s class ring. Read More >

The History of the West Point Class Ring Melt

In 1999, Ron Turner ’58 submitted an article to Assembly magazine that contained a suggestion: “We, as graduates of West Point, should establish a ‘Memorial Ring Program.’ Over the next few years, the suggestion turned into a plan, and the Class of 2002 enthusiastically became the inaugural class in the historic undertaking. Their class rings contained gold from the rings of 31 graduates. LTG William J. Lennox, Jr. ’71 delivered a moving address to the Class about the tangible link to the 31 former graduates that the Class of 2002 had with their rings. Read More >

Small Scale Testers – Do They Really Work?

Pease & Curren lab associate Lindsey Kut evaluated three different gold testers and the results may surprise you. What we evaluated:

  • an inexpensive 6-acid test kitfrom Star Struck LLC
  • a low-priced electronic tester, ET18 from R S Mizar
  • a high-priced electronic tester, GXL-24PRO by TRI Electronics.

Read More >

Pease & Curren Introduces Stone Sorting

Pease & Curren the company that pioneered the process of removing precious gems from gold, silver and platinum settings is proud to be the first refiner to offer the ability to sort stones by size prior to return. In addition to receiving the highest quality clean stones customers may now receive their stones sorted in up to six possible sizes. Read More >

Pease & Curren Introduces Premium Stone Removal

Pease & Curren is pleased to announce another enhancement of our industry leading stone removal service, the introduction of premium stone removal. With this new level of service customers can choose to have stones frosted, sorted by size, and now, have clear stones separated from frosted stones. Read More >

Holding History In Their Hands

West Point Cadet Joseph Simon, and his fellow classmates of 2011, received a tremendous gift this year: 16.44 ounces of donated gold. Worth a little more than $10,000, this gold is special. It’s seen Vietnam battles and traveled the world with heavy artillery divisions. It’s fought in WWII and the Korean War. It’s commanded the 82nd Airborne Division and received numerous awards including: Distinguished Service Medals, Silver Stars, Legions of Merit, Purple Hearts and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Read More >

Buyer Beware – Gold

“Fake” or under-karated gold pieces have always been an issue, but with the recent rise in the metal price, the continued economic uncertainty, and the unprecedented buying from the public, we have seen many more come through our doors in recent years. Heavy plating or stainless steel will often pass an initial gold test, and sellers are counting on the fact that many buyers will not have the time or the capability to test these pieces further. At Pease & Curren, we continually work with our customers to identify these pieces and would like to use this as a forum to share some of our experiences. As we come across interesting pieces, we will post them here. Read More >

Assaying of Gold Jewelry – Choice of Technique

The article by Dr. Corti was adapted from a paper that was presented  at the Santa Fe Symposium in 2001. The use of fire assay to determine the fineness of gold dates back to 1360 BC. The ancient technique of fire assay is compared to modern instrumentation techniques, specifically ICP Spectrometry and X-Ray Fluorescence. Fire assay remains the most superior and accurate technique for measuring gold content and it continues to be the benchmark to which all other techniques are compared. Read More >