A Family Legacy of Honesty and Fairness

Sadly, over the years, the precious metals refinery business has not earned a reputation for honesty and scrupulousness.

When you are dealing with highly valuable metals and stones, the temptations and opportunities for corruption are quite high. It’s for that reason that we at Pease & Curren are so proud to have maintained a reputation for honesty and fairness going all the way back to our founders, Francis H. Curren and Charles Pease, more than 100 years ago.

Part of what makes us an accurate gold refiner is that we are a family-owned company, even after three generations, with the values to match. Everyone at Pease & Curren knows it’s our reputation for integrity, combined with our emphasis on having the best refining technology, that has kept us in business for so long. Customer service is a priority, and the most important factor of our relationships is trust.

Pease & Curren’s Standards of Integrity and Honesty

Our values also include a strong belief in integrity, which is why you’ll never see us working with conflict gold, blood diamonds or any other unsavory means of acquiring precious metals or stones. For more than a century, whether gold markets were booming or diving, we have always maintained that our integrity is paramount — and we have never wavered. We are proud to engage in conflict-free refining.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Our Honest Policies at Pease and Curren

What does honest gold refining mean for you, the jewelry retailer, manufacturer, pawnbroker, dentist or other customer in need of precious metal refinery or gold removal?

It means you’ll always get maximum value for your precious metals, since our techniques — including true fire assay and slow roast sweeps — are designed to make sure you don’t lose a bit of value from whatever you send us.

It also means you can be confident your precious metals and stones are safe with us. We isolate each lot so there is no cross contamination, and can supply shipping and insurance to make sure your items get here safely. We want you to feel totally secure when dealing with us for your precious metal refinery, and all our efforts are geared toward that goal.

Contact Pease & Curren for Precious Metal Refinery and Stone Removal You Can Trust

We stand behind our reputation for quality, honesty, integrity and service, and we’d love to show you how it can benefit you.

If you’ve been looking for a refinery you can trust with your precious materials, you’ve found it. To get started with getting the best price for all your precious materials, just submit a contact form online letting us know what you’re interested in, or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-343-0906 today.