Jewelers, retailers and others that work with precious stones and metals need a reliable way of safely and efficiently removing stones from jewelry. If you need diamond removal, come to the experts at Pease & Curren.

Pease & Curren developed a proprietary process for diamond and stone removal well ahead of our competitors that results in a quality of clean stones that is unmatched in the industry.

Unlike traditional cyanide stone removal methods, we offer cyanide-free stone removal. No cyanide is involved, meaning a safer process for our employees and a safely cleaned stone for the customer.

If you need diamond removal from rings, have a diamond to remove from precious metals or require any other diamond removal need, our process is the one you need. It enables us to recover even the smallest melee, so you can bring us just about any diamond removal project you have.

If you’re interested in having clean, bright stones ready to sell, our process is the only one for you. We can recover stones back to their original brilliance and get them ready for immediate resale by the jeweler. We also offer premium services such as:

  • Frosting
  • Separating
  • Size sorting – up to six sizes
  • Choice diamond appraisal

In addition, we offer separate sorting by clarity and grade from a GIA-certified diamond expert for an additional charge.

Stone removal is not something you want to leave to chance. How well you can extricate stones from jewelry is an important factor in how well you can service your customers. If you’re interested in the highest-quality stone removal for your business, get in touch with Pease & Curren today.