Why Pease & Curren Is the Best Refiner for a Pawn Shop

If you’re a pawnbroker, the right jewelry refiner can be extremely valuable to you. You want the best refiner for pawnbrokers available. If that means an accurate refiner who can give you a fair and honest assessment of jewelry, then you want Pease & Curren.

Pease & Curren are the most accurate refiners for pawnbrokers due to our fire assay process. Experts agree that fire assay is by far the most accurate way on the planet to assess and refine gold — meaning you can get greater value from your precious metal material. You’ll also appreciate our reputation for integrity and fairness, which we have maintained for more than 100 years.

When You Are A Pawnbroker, Security And Honesty Are Tools Of The Trade.

Many unsavory types will take advantage of pawnbrokers, so when you use a refinery, it needs to be one you can count on. Pease & Curren prides itself on its reputation as one of the most trustworthy refineries in the business. We never try to take advantage of our customers and always want to help them get the best deals for their precious materials.

Furthermore, we will audit your first lot to weed out any fake or under-karated pieces — and help you get better at doing this yourself. In an industry where people often try to benefit from overvaluing the jewelry they offer to a pawnbroker, this service can be invaluable.

Our true fire assay means you’ll always get the truest, most accurate price possible. Chemical or X-ray assays other refineries may use are not as accurate and may not get you the price you deserve. Those price gaps can add up over time if you continue to use that refinery.

We process all lots in our facility, where we can isolate your material for added security. We can also supply containers, shipping and insurance.

If you need stone removal, we can provide a safe, cyanide-free process that separates even the smallest stones from gold, silver and platinum and leave you with clean, marketable gems. We can also give you an obligation-free independent appraisal of your stones.

Put Our Century Of Refining Expertise To Work For Your Pawn Shop

Our services are optimized for buyers of scrap gold:

  • All lots processed in our state of the art refining facility
  • We only pay on a true fire assay
  • We supply containers, shipping, and insurance for gold, platinum and palladium material
  • Flexible settlement options including:
    • Same day advances
    • Spot markets
    • Coins
    • Pool accounts
    • Bullion

Pease & Curren will audit your first lot. We can help you better spot fake or under karated pieces, making you a better buyer!

Stone Removal

Pease & Curren developed and utilizes the best stone removal process in the industry. Our attention to detail and precision yield the highest recovery of precious metal and the cleanest stones. Our customers’ net result is the highest payout for their stones and metals.

  • Stone removal from gold, platinum, silver
  • Premium Service available includes frosting of CZ’s, separation of frosted stones and sorting by size
  • Returned stones are clean and readily marketable
  • Safe processing, 100% cyanide-free
  • No obligation independent appraisal of recovered stones

High-Grade Metal Processing – Gold, Platinum, Palladium & Silver

We use the most accurate high-grade processing techniques to ensure precision and maximum payouts. We never take shortcuts that might affect the recovery for our customers.

  • Used or broken jewelry or findings
  • Discontinued items
  • Repairs
  • Grindings and bench sweeps

For Accuracy, Reliability and Value, Contact Pease & Curren Today

As a pawnbroker, you need to get maximum value for your precious items. With Pease & Curren, you get a refining process that minimizes product loss, gives a true and accurate assay, protects your assets and has a 100-year history of positive results behind it. There’s really no other choice; if you are in need of refinery services, contact Pease & Curren today.