Our Customers

As the premier honest gold refiner in the industry, Pease & Curren is proud to serve as a refinery for a wide variety of customers. If you’re looking for an accurate precious metal refiner, regardless of industry, look to Pease & Curren. Some of the types of customers we serve include:

Retail and Manufacturing

We are the best refiner for jewelers because we not only offer true, accurate and complete precious metal refining, but also safe and thorough stone removal. Our cyanide-free process will leave you with completely clean stones ready to sell. We can easily process your gold, platinum, palladium or silver broken jewelry, discontinued items, bench sweeps or whatever you have to refine. Our customers regularly get the highest payouts for their metals and stones. We even have a Corporate Advantage Retail Program to keep track of your returns.

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Pawnbrokers, Gold Buyers and Recyclers

Pawnbrokers are some of our best customers. We pride ourselves on being accurate refiners for pawnbrokers, and if you ask around about who is the best refiner for a pawnshop, don’t be surprised if the name Pease & Curren comes up very quickly. We are the best refiner for pawnbrokers because of our true fire assay process that yields the most accurate results for gold scrap and other precious metals.

We will also audit your lot for the presence of fake or under-karated items. These can be big threats in the pawnbroker world and can help you avoid losing money in the future. Naturally, our stone removal service can benefit pawnbrokers as well. We make you a better buyer while giving you great, honest value for your pieces.

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Dental Labs

Pease & Curren is the best gold refiner for dentists, too. Many dentists or people who manage dental labs may not realize how much money they are throwing away in dental scrap. We have a slow-roast sweeps process that is the best in the business and will yield as much precious metal as possible.

We are a great alternative to just sending all your dental scrap to a recycler. Send it to us instead using our prepaid shipping containers and get money for everything from bench and floor sweeps and grindings to gold crowns and silver fillings. Our incineration furnaces can accommodate small and large loads, and we have a reputation for producing quality results dating back over 100 years.

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