Solutions Recovery

Are you in a business where you need your refiner to recover platinum, gold or silver? For platinum refining, contact Pease & Curren, the most accurate platinum, gold and silver refiner you’ll find. We are a premier platinum refiner for pawnshops, jewelry stores and any business where precious metals recovery is an issue.

If you send solution to a refiner, you have a great opportunity to save money and increase your margins by improving accountabilities and reducing your treatment charges with our highly efficient one-step refinement process. Our fiber solutions refining process is the most efficient liquid recovery system available, allowing optimal precious metal recovery from drag-out rinses, electroplating baths and a variety of solutions.

Our Process

Our method of precious metals recovery for liquid refining features the use of a metal scavenger. Our metallurgists get a sample of your product and test it to figure out the ideal scavenger that will attract all the precious metals in your liquid. We set up the equipment in your facility, thereby reducing the amount of liquid you need to ship from your plant. You ship to us and we go to work, reducing shipping and solution refining charges by 66 percent or more. If you’re a company that refines drums of solution, this is the ideal way of handling your product.

Control in Your Hands

You get fast recovery of your precious metals with Pease & Curren, with the option to process lots when you want. This can improve cash flow and reduce variability. Once you’ve tried our one-step process to see how strong your yield is and how much money you’ll save, you’ll never consider any other gold, silver or platinum refiner. You’ll get paid on both primary and trace metals.

Trust Pease & Curren With Your Solutions Recovery

Pease & Curren is the most trusted name in precious metals refinement because we’ve been doing it the right way for more than 100 years. Although we have a facility full of high-quality refinement machines, our greatest asset is our reputation, and we prove that every day with our honest, straightforward practices.

We’re looking forward to saving you serious money when it comes to your solution recovery, and we want you to get excited about it too. Fill out the form below for a solutions refining analysis to find out how much you will save.

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