Who We Are

Pease & Curren is a family-owned business and a leader in precious metal refining since 1916. We are known for our high yields and accurate assays as our emphasis is on customer relationships, going above and beyond in all that we do. We take extra steps to ensure extra value for our customers—the yield you get out is a direct result of what we put into the process.

Family-Run, Family Values

Francis H. Curren and Charles Pease founded Pease & Curren Inc. in 1916. The two had met when Francis was an assayer at a small refiner in Providence, RI and Charles was a gold leaf salesman. Francis and Charles went into business together, and their first refining job was melted in the basement furnace of Francis’ mother. Shortly thereafter, with a loan from Francis’ sister, May, Pease & Curren refiners opened in a rented facility on Richmond Street in Providence. As the business grew, they moved first around the corner to Point Street and then in 1929 to their own facility on Allens Ave. where they processed gold and silver for 40 years. In 1969, Pease & Curren designed and built a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in its current location with furnaces, melt rooms and a state-of-the-art laboratory. This facility includes 25 custom designed incinerators and a dedicated melt room with capabilities for small and larger sized refining material. It was designed specifically to isolate the different departments in order to minimize cross contamination and increase security.

Francis H. Curren Jr. and Robert Pease joined their fathers’ company in 1947 after fighting in the Pacific theatre during WWII, and the third generation, Jay Pease, Francis H. Curren, III, and Meredith Curren joined in 1971, 1981, and 1990, respectively.  Francis “Kip” H. Curren, III is the sole owner of the company today and he has continued to build a strong organization based on service, up-to-date technology and integrity. Customers are treated like family and Pease & Curren continues to differentiate itself in its attention to customer relationships.

National Reach

We are a national refinery, located in Providence, RI. By the early 1900’s, Providence, RI had become a center for American  jewelry production. The refining industry in Rhode Island grew to support the substantial jewelry manufacturing business in the state and Pease & Curren was at the center of it. As the economy grew, tastes changed, and precious metal jewelry became more affordable and was mass marketed in the form of gold filled and lower karated jewelry. Pease & Curren stayed local and strong, expanding their offerings, types and reach of clients.

Today, Pease & Curren customers come from each of the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Our customers include aerospace, jewelry manufacturers, jewelers, manufacturers, pawn shops, and dental labs.  We process gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and partner with our customers to meet their refining needs by understanding their business models.