Incineration and Homogenization

If you need materials incinerated to free any precious metals that be trapped in them, you need quality incineration. As part of our many high-grade precious metal refinement services, Pease & Curren offers incineration and homogenization to help you recover every bit of precious metal possible from your facility.

Our incinerators can process everything from paper, protective equipment and vacuum bags to filters/torit dust, shop floor sweepings, sink sludge, polishing buffs and precious metal-bearing rugs.

Our Process

There is virtually no lot too small for our highly accommodating incinerators, so bring us small loads or large lots and we will provide you with full incineration services for the best possible yield. Because of the superior design of our furnaces, you can expect minimal or no precious metal loss from our process. We are sure to take the ash that remains from the incineration process to the homogenization room to help you get the maximum benefit from your material.

After processing the ash in one of our grinding mills, which can accommodate any size ash lot, we screen the ash to filter out what are known as the tailings, or oversized precious metal material. We then melt and process this as a bullion lot to add further value to your material.

Our Promise

You never need to be concerned about any loss of integrity of your lots. We have multiple large furnaces so you never have to worry about your lot intermingling with anyone else’s or becoming contaminated. Providing a fair, accurate, honest yield for our customers is our greatest priority.

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For more than 100 years, Pease & Curren has been successfully serving those who need precious metal refinement, and we are looking forward to doing the same for you. We stand by our reputation for honesty and transparency, and invite you to take a tour to see how our process works so you are completely comfortable before turning your valuable material over to us.

Our incineration technology, experienced personnel and dedication to fair and honest service are second to none in the refinery business. To learn more about our process or history, or to get started with bringing us your own precious material for refinery services, call us at 1-800-343-0906 or contact us online today.