Incineration & Homogenization Room


Our variety of incineration furnaces allow us to accommodate virtually any size lot from a small pail to multiple pallet loads. All of our furnaces have been specially designed to eliminate any precious metal loss, and customer lots are always processed separately to maintain lot integrity. Once incineration is complete, the ash that remains is sent to the homogenization room for further processing.


These furnaces are used for burnable materials that contain moisture when received. These furnaces provide a slow burn process that allows us to recover the maximum amount of precious metal. This technology and our use of it is one of the many benefits of our 100 years in operation.


This is the 2nd room in the two-step incineration process.


The ash is then taken and processed  in one of our grinding mills. Our grinding mills can handle any size incineration lot.


After the grinding mill, the ash is screened and larger material is filtered out. This over-sized material, commonly known as “tailings,” is then melted and processed as a bullion lot and can add significant value to the recovered material. Photo shows samples of incinerated and screened ash.


The result is an incinerated, homogeneous ash with consistent particle size for accurate sampling. Color will vary depending on the base metal content in the ash. Samples are then sent to our in-house laboratory for analysis.