Pease & Curren offers free insured shipping of your material to our facility. See the form downloads below and instructions on what to ship and which containers to request.


  1. Fill out Packaging Slip
  2. Email form to [email protected] or upload your order here


  1. Evenly distribute the weight throughout the container
  2. Tape jars closed
  3. Double bag when packaging in bags
  4. Completely tape all seams
  5. Wrap in bubble wrap or other packaging to eliminate noise
  6. Use security seals on containers
  7. Avoid descriptions on containers to identify the type of material
  8. Do not use words like jewelry in the return address


Please write this information on the Federal Express Airbill when they come to pick up your shipment:

  1. Your Business Name & Address (Box #1 on airbill), Our Name & Address (Box #3 on airbill)
  2. Check “Fedex 2 Day” (Box #4 on airbill)
  3. Contact us at 1-800-343-0906 for our acct # (Box #7 on airbill)
  4. Write total number of packages (Box #7 on airbill)
  5. Under declared Value, write “0” (Box #7 on airbill)

Your package(s) will be insured by our carrier, The Hartford Company, based on the weight and description of the material you provided.


Please download this form, fill it out, and either fax it or email it to your sales representative (Dental Sales or All Other Refining Sales).