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A Gold Refiner You Can Trust.

When you have precious metals to refine or stones to recover, you want to be in the hands of a refiner you can count on.

A Legacy Of Honesty

For more than 100 years, Pease & Curren has been managing precious metal refinery and stone recovery needs out of our facility in Warwick, Rhode Island.

From our founders’ small basement furnace in Providence to our state-of-the-art 40,000-square-foot refinery on Pennsylvania Avenue, our family-owned business has stayed successful by always staying true to its goals of providing fair and honest refinery services at fair and honest prices.

Today, we serve not only Rhode Island, but also the entire country and most of North America. We have fantastic customers in every state, as well as in Canada and Mexico. We serve everyone from jewelry manufacturers and pawn shop owners to dental labs.

You’ll never find any conflict gold, blood diamonds or other illegal or ill-gotten precious items under our roof. In an industry where corruption can run rampant, we take pride in being one of the last honest refiners out there. Since Francis H. Curren and Charles Pease founded us in 1916, we’ve continued to hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity and accountability in the industry.

And that means you can be confident you are always getting fair market value for your precious metals and stones.

Pease & Curren for Experience and Quality

If experience is what you’re after in a precious metals and diamond refiner, we’ve got it at Pease & Curren — more than 100 years of it.

Markets have shifted and the price of gold has risen and fallen many times, but the constant is that we continue to handle any and all precious metal refinery needs. Maybe that’s why we are the official jeweler of The United States Military Academy, also known as West Point, and the company the academy uses for its famous ring ceremony, where it melts down the previous class’s rings to forge new ones for the incoming class.

If you’re worried about finding a refinery with an emphasis on quality, you should know that all our refining processes are state-of-the-art and proven to be the best. From our slow roast sweeps, where we process the material separately so nothing is lost, to our fire assay technique, which is the most reliable technique on earth for refining gold, to our premium stone removal process that allows us to recover even the tiniest of stones, one thing is clear: our method is 20 times more accurate than the common forms of inspection and refining you’ll find at many other refineries, like X-ray and melting methods.

Our 40,000-square foot facility has 25 custom-designed incinerators and a dedicated melt room capable of handling both small and large refining material. We designed the facility to isolate different departments, minimizing cross-contamination and increasing security.

Pease & Curren Services

The many quality refinery services we offer include:

  • Stone/Diamond Removal: We have a propriety process for safely and cleanly removing stones from jewelry. We can remove stones from gold, platinum or silver and get them to you sorted, cleaned and ready for sale without any use of cyanide. We can recover even the smallest melee with our process.
  • Direct-Buy Diamond Buying: While we do not purchase and resell your diamonds, we can present stone lots to North American diamond buyers for bids. Top three buyers blind bid with no obligation to the customer. Pease & Curren securely holds merchandise until customer release.
  • High-Grade Processing: We do it all in-house with true fire assay, no X-ray or chemical analysis. Meltable services include karat gold, casting sprues, buttons, miscasts, wire, foil, alloys and bench grindings.
  • Low-Grade Processing: Our furnaces eliminate any precious metal loss. Burnable materials include polishing buffs, vacuum bags, shop floor sweepings, filters/torit dust, protective equipment/paper, precious metal-bearing rugs and sink sludge.
  • Solutions Recovery: We offer recovery services with no material loss, reduced variability and the ability to recover even trace metals. You can save more than 50 percent on refining and associated fees.

Contact Pease & Curren for All Your Precious Metal and Precious Stone Refinery Needs Now

Pease & Curren has a long history of faithfully serving entities in all walks of the jewelry and precious metal industries, and we look forward to serving you as well. Whether you’re a retail jeweler, jewelry manufacturer, pawnbroker, gold buyer or are in the dental or environmental recycling fields, Pease & Curren has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

To find out more about our refinery services, request a pick-up of scrap or learn about a specific service, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-343-0906 or submit our simple online form today.




I give Pease & Curren a glowing review. Always pleased with your customer service, and always pleased with our lots and returns. I also recommend your stone sorting service. It’s the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. I would like to reiterate your value to our company. If we ever had any questions, needed anything extra, you’d go above and beyond to help fill that need.

Jason – Sr. Jewelry Technician for Major Retail Store Chain

Jack you and your team are awesome.  I really love the level of customer service you all provide, thank you!  Please pass this on to everyone else!

JT – District Manager, Major US Pawn Chain

Great folks with the highest integrity. We have done business since 2007.


Chris – Massachusetts Retail Jeweler

I have been doing business with Pease and Curren for 25 years.  I am comforted by the fact that they have been in business, now approaching 100 years.  This fact gives me great confidence in Pease and Curren’s integrity and business ethic.  I have always had satisfactory results from my scrap shipments.  The service is outstanding and settlements are made promptly.  I look forward to continuing this solid relationship for many years to come.

Keith – Repair Center Manager

We have been dealing with Pease & Curren for over 20 years. Good honest company. And the staff is extremely helpful. They are very fair and pay top dollar!

Jay – Owner Pawn shop in New Mexico