The Best Jewelers Trust Pease & Curren

If you’re a jeweler who needs to know where to send bench sweeps to get the best prices from a reliable refinery, we urge you to contact us at Pease & Curren. We are an honest refinery that uses highly accurate refinement methods to make sure you get the best prices for bench filings or any other precious material you send us.

Why do the most prestigious jewelry industry players entrust us with their precious metal scrap?

For the same reason that West Point Academy uses Pease & Curren as the official refinery for its famous ring melting ceremony. It’s about more than just the price of bench scraps. It has to do with our 100-year reputation for fairness, honesty, accuracy and quality service.

Jewelry manufacturers and retailers alike know they can count on us to always give them an accurate and honest price. They know that in good times and bad, we have always stayed above the corruption that has stained some other refineries. Our reputation is paramount to us.

How Pease & Curren Can Help Your Jewelry Business

In addition to getting you great prices on bench sweeps, we can handle all your precious metal refining needs. Count on us for high-grade precious metal processing using the best and most precise techniques to maximize your payout. We also offer auditing services to optimize your own precious metals collection process, as well as high-quality stone removal, with a safe, effective process that leaves you with completely clean stones ready for market.

If you’re a larger retailer, we offer a Corporate Retail Advantage Program that tracks your precious metals returns, either by waste stream or by store. Send us your gold, silver or palladium in need of refinement. We can handle it all. Pease & Curren refining consultants can also audit your facility in order to optimize your precious metals collection process.


We have many furnaces of varying sizes to suit all your incineration needs. Our combustion technology ensures 100 percent containment so there is no precious metal loss, and we can process each lot in its own dedicated unit to maintain integrity. Our grinding is done with hands-off equipment to produce higher yields so you always get the most out of your lot.

Our furnace regularly process:

  • Vacuum bags
  • Filters and wipes
  • Carpet

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Stone Removal

Pease & Curren developed and utilizes the best stone removal process in the industry. Our attention to detail and precision net the highest recovery of precious metal and the cleanest recovered stones. Our customers’ net result is the highest payout for their stones and metals.

  • Stone removal from gold, platinum, silver
  • Premium Service available includes frosting of CZ’s, separation of frosted stones and sorting by size
  • Returned stones are clean and readily marketable (or, use our in-house bidding process to sell your stones to a third party directly after refining )
  • Safe processing, 100% cyanide-free
  • No obligation independent appraisal of recovered stones

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Karat Gold/ High Grade Metal Processing – Gold, Platinum, Palladium & Silver

We use the most accurate high-grade processing techniques to ensure precision and maximum payouts. We never use shortcuts that could shortchange the yield for our customers.

  • Used or broken jewelry or findings
  • Discontinued items
  • Repairs
  • Grindings and bench sweeps

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Contact Pease & Curren for All Your Precious Metal Refining and Stone Removal Needs

A great refinery can make a great jeweler even better.

We can help you boost your bottom line and streamline your business. If you’ve been looking for the perfect refinery partner, we’re ready to hear from you.