The secret is in our precision and attention to details. Our years of experience have shown us how to best ensure that all precious metal is recovered from this chemical process. With P&C’s process our clients are paid on the actual recovery of their gold.


Our Stone Removal Process not only protects your precious stones, but it also incorporates safe methods.  Our Stone Removal Process has been specifically engineered to prevent diamonds from being damaged, lost, or discolored, and results in the highest quality output in the industry. The process is 100% cyanide-free, protecting both you and your precious stones.


When your stones are returned they are immediately ready for resale or reuse. With our premium service your stones can be frosted for easy identification of CZ’s, sorted by size and now your clear and frosted stones can be separated. We now also offer no obligation, 3rd party appraisals of your stones. This is always done in our secure facility under management supervision, and acceptance of offers is completely up to you!