Gold Buying And Gold Refining During COVID-19

COVID-19 IS IMPACTING EVERY FACET OF SOCIETY The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a highly contagious acute respiratory disease, is spreading around the world. Many businesses are affected, including jewelers, pawnbrokers, and gold refiners. Moreover, as business conditions have become so uncertain, many financial markets have become highly volatile. This is especially true for gold, which recently… Read More »

Why True Fire Assay Remains the Most Accurate Form of Gold Refining

When it comes to gold assay, there is no question that true fire assay is the most effective and accurate method. What is the history of true fire assay, and what makes it so accurate? Gold Fire Assay History Gold fire assaying, or cupellation, is a method of determining the purity of a piece of… Read More »

Carat, Karat or Carrot?

Since entering the world of precious metals, I have wondered about some of the terminology and how it came to be.  I had always thought “carat” and “karat” were interchangeable but I quickly found out that this is not the case.