Gold Hoarding, COVID-19, and the $2,000 Per Ounce Gold Mirage

The hair triggers are set. And this time, I’m not talking about guns. I’m talking about the gold hoarders. As a gold refiner, it is my privilege to talk to gold businesses every day. I’ve found that all over the country, people holding precious metals are waiting for “X” price before they sell. Lately, X… Read More »

Buying Trends for Gold & Guns

Our friends in the pawn industry know firsthand that consumer buying trends are notoriously hard to predict. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about one of those times when consumer behavior has seemed downright counter-intuitive. Whatever side of the political aisle you happen to be on, you probably expect that the election of Republicans… Read More »

Why True Fire Assay Remains the Most Accurate Form of Gold Refining

When it comes to gold assay, there is no question that true fire assay is the most effective and accurate method. What is the history of true fire assay, and what makes it so accurate? Gold Fire Assay History Gold fire assaying, or cupellation, is a method of determining the purity of a piece of… Read More »

Don’t Fall for the Refiner’s Shell Game – The Percentage Game.

Whenever I meet a new prospect, the first question I’m always asked is “What percentage do you pay?” The refining industry has focused everyone’s attention on what percentage you’re getting paid. While that is an important question, it’s flawed.

Mining your iPhone

Sometimes we come across the craziest videos about mining and precious metals.

Mining Shares Fall Under Racially Charged Ownership Rules

Lots going on right now in the world of mining- Fed meeting, GST, and a change in the ownership rules.  Although we are not involved in mining, this indirectly affects all of us in precious metals business.  While there is merit to both sides of the argument, it is certainly not helping the gold price right now.… Read More »