Uncovering the fugazi

I was in our factory today speaking with our operations manager about content for our Buyer Beware newsletter.  We came across an old school fake, found it interesting, and figured we would share on this Friday afternoon.  It’s a “Fugazi Friday”.

Check this out… (Was a full silver bar originally) – good weight, Logo is very good and coined on- as it should be. This is old and now-  heavily tarnished,  but the color was great when it came in.

silver, precious metals

Now see the side view … see those faint circles?


Of course we drilled into the bar, found LEAD and cut it in half to see…

Decided to get a drill sample

another view…


For more fugazi’s ….check out our Buyer Beware newsletter … always a good read- post it for your employees because it’s not usually this easy to spot a fake.

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