There is a crisis going on and everyone in the jewelry industry should know about it

Right now, in Peru – 40% of the villagers in 97 villages have mercury poisoning.  This type of poison causes permanent brain damage, kidney damage and chronic headaches. 

“Green Gold” is not just an environmental buzz word.  It is not just referring to “conflict-free” gold.  Illegal miners are destroying the most biologically diverse places on earth.

 As the gatekeepers of the industry it is our responsibility as a refiner NOT to buy this gold.  This is the reason why we do not accept gold from ANYONE except those who reclaim it and who are legitimate companies.   We all know we should take care not to purchased product from anyone affiliated with this but did you know it is not just large corporations?  Much of this gold is coming into the North American market.  Be careful who you are purchasing from. You may be surprised.

Please read the full article – it is rather lengthy but so important.