Sold, Pawned, Lost, Found and Donated…the iconic Super Bowl ring

With football season upon us we would like to share some interesting facts about the portable Super Bowl trophy, the Super Bowl Ring. Do you know who actually gets a Super Bowl ring?

An iconic part of the game, the Super Bowl ring is given to every player on the 53 man roster, the entire coaching staff, the front office, sometimes even practice squad players. Sometimes two different rings would be given out, one may be made out of a different material for those not on the team.

Precious metals
Precious metals and football

The NFL allots $5000-$7000 for 150 rings but the team can get as many rings as they would like and pay any amount for them. Rings typically purchased cost anywhere from $36,500 to upwards of $50,000. Each ring has a team name and logo and usually nearly 5 carats of diamonds. Players receive their rings approximately 3-4 weeks after the win.

To see some of the more expensive rings check out this link


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