E-Retail: Supreme Court Changes the Rules

Many brick and mortar retailers are noticing a boost this shopping season because of a recent Supreme Court decision closing a tax loophole that had favored online commerce. For many years, the law prohibited states from charging sales taxes to businesses that did not have a physical location in the taxing state. In South Dakota… Read More »

The Republic Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions

News of the bankruptcy of Republic Metals Corp., a large Florida precious metals refinery, and its affiliate, has rocked the precious metals industry. Read Pease & Curren’s initial analysis of the bankruptcy here. Since that first post, a number of our colleagues and customers have been trying to understand what this means for them and… Read More »

Should you buy platinum?

Gold is our favorite metal but platinum comes in as a close second. What is going on with platinum these days?  Usually trading at roughly the same as gold, platinum has taken a nose dive. But still some major players are betting on platinum…

Unloading your wedding ring

My divorce took place years ago. For a while I was wearing my wedding ring on my right hand but now I am downright sick of looking at it.  I tried to sell it in the local pawn shops and retail jewelry stores but because was not a traditional wedding ring with a solitaire, I was advised to sell it on… Read More »

5 Ways to Spot a Synthetic Diamond

Year after year the fakes are getting harder to distinguish. At Pease & Curren, although we do not claim to be gemologists, we continually upgrade our testing equipment to keep in step with the fast growing synthetic diamond market. It used to be we could “frost” the stones. Frosting is a chemical process during which… Read More »

This is not a yard sale.

Many of our clients used to get quick cash for their precious metals.  A cash buyer would stop by look at what they had to offer- and give cash on the spot – kind of like a yard sale. With a little extra time and not a lot of effort, you can get the full… Read More »