Mining Shares Fall Under Racially Charged Ownership Rules

Lots going on right now in the world of mining- Fed meeting, GST, and a change in the ownership rules.  Although we are not involved in mining, this indirectly affects all of us in precious metals business.  While there is merit to both sides of the argument, it is certainly not helping the gold price right now.… Read More »

How illegal gold mining affects you

Over the past few months we have heard of precious metals refiners closing down over violations to the Dodd-Frank legislation.  Dodd-Frank as many of our readers know requires most larger companies to practice due diligence to ensure that any gold coming from certain countries is sourced properly. When refiners don’t comply with the legislation there… Read More »

Why we don’t use our induction furnace.

At Pease & Curren we are constantly assessing better, more efficient ways of doing things. Lately we have come across advertisements for Induction Furnaces.  Induction furnaces are said to be an environmentally friendly way to refine.

The hottest engagement ring trends in the jewelry industry

I just read an interesting article about internet searches for engagement rings and I thought I would share. We don’t see too many rings like this come through the refinery. I would say these are the type of heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next.    

Disheartening news in our industry

Precious metals refiners are always fighting a bad reputation.  At Pease & Curren we try hard to do the right thing.  We do not accept gold from anyone except legitimate businesses.  We question gold bars and often times do not take them because we are not sure of their origin.  It is disheartening to hear when… Read More »

It came out of the acid scratch free and shiny as new

Our headline is actually a comment made by our Lab Manager, Olga Yankov.  Our customer sent in a ring they assumed was platinum as part of a lot scheduled to undergo our Premium Stone Removal Process.