Ten Places to find Precious Metals in Your Jewelry Manufacturing Facility

The summer holidays are upon us. Many manufacturers are closing down for a week or two around the July 4th holiday.  Some for summer break and some to clean up their facility to get ready for the next busy season. 

If you use precious metals in your manufacturing process, here are some tips on where more gold, silver, platinum and palladium may be hiding in your process. Here at Pease & Curren we like to emphasize how important getting every filter, cloth and even sludge because even the smallest item can hold hidden metals that will make you money.

Here are 10 places to keep in mind where precious metals may be hiding in your facility.

Air Filters/Buffer Filters

Carpets Broom Bristles
Polishing Buffs Shop Floor Sweeps Inside Machinery
Vacuum Bags Protective Equipment

Sink Sludge

Remember to check your floor mats coming to and from the factory. Precious metals dust that is in the air eventually comes down and ends up on the bottom of work boots and shoes, eventually wiped off on mats.  Also check all drains.

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