How illegal gold mining affects you

Over the past few months we have heard of precious metals refiners closing down over violations to the Dodd-Frank legislation.  Dodd-Frank as many of our readers know requires most larger companies to practice due diligence to ensure that any gold coming from certain countries is sourced properly. When refiners don’t comply with the legislation there is a trickle down effect.

Countries like Africa, India, Peru, and Columbia have been known to export illegally mined ores. Refiners are the gatekeepers of the industry.  These miners need a place to refine their gold into bars to get their money.  Illegal mines use child labor and put people at risk for mercury poisoning, there are also cases of indentured servitude and trafficking of young girls. The damage to the environment is permanent.  There are know ties to drug smuggling even terrorism.

Do not risk your gold with just any refiner.  Refiners in the news today were actually “certified” as a conflict-free smelter and are now being brought up on charges for accepting illegal ores. Their customers are now having to wait six months for the money for THEIR gold.

Pease & Curren does not accept ores.  We only accept scrap precious metals from sources within the United States that can prove they are a legitimate business. In addition, we pay our customers on time.  We are a third generation refiner in business for 101 years.  We are completely debt free. Look at our history, research us, you will never go with another refiner.