Why True Fire Assay Remains the Most Accurate Form of Gold Refining

When it comes to gold assay, there is no question that true fire assay is the most effective and accurate method. What is the history of true fire assay, and what makes it so accurate? Gold Fire Assay History Gold fire assaying, or cupellation, is a method of determining the purity of a piece of… Read More »

Don’t Fall for the Refiner’s Shell Game – The Percentage Game.

Whenever I meet a new prospect, the first question I’m always asked is “What percentage do you pay?” The refining industry has focused everyone’s attention on what percentage you’re getting paid. While that is an important question, it’s flawed.

Over 10 Million Payday Loan Consumers Are Out Of Luck

If you have read any major newspaper over the past 24 hours you have seen the headline.  The government has moved to control lucrative payday lending practices with a rule that brings the 38 billion dollar industry under federal oversight for the first time.

Coast Guard Ring Melt 2017

We are happy to host the 1st Coast Guard Ring Melt here at Pease & Curren this morning.  Captains & Cadets were here to witness the event.

How to Make a Disaster Plan for Your Jewelry Business

Over the last few weeks we have heard so many heartbreaking stories from our friends in Florida and Texas.  We have shared posts on disaster preparation from various insurance agencies but feel the need to post our own. 

Mining your iPhone

Sometimes we come across the craziest videos about mining and precious metals.

Weaker Dollar = Corporate Profits Rising = Bullish for GOLD

The Wall Street Journal printed a piece this morning recapping how the S&P 500 rose 14% in the first three months of the year with the second quarter earnings on pace to climb roughly 9%.   In the precious metals industry typically the declining dollar means bullish for GOLD.  In this morning’s piece various corporations comment… Read More »

The Secret to Corporate Longevity

Survival. Corporate longevity. Documented evidence suggests most companies, even the largest of corporations, remain in business for an average of 40 years. In fact, the average age of companies on the S&P 500 has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century. According to renowned historians the average company lifespan is now 15… Read More »

Government ban on the export of gold and copper concentrates

Read an article today about “Golden Handcuffs” in the Economist.  Apparently this ban on exporting gold & copper concentrates went into effect back in March. It is a serious stand-off that is certain to affect the supply and demand of gold in the US. https://www.economist.com/news/business/21723427-row-raises-concerns-mining-firms-across-africa-tanzanias-firebrand-leader-takes-its