What’s a Super Bowl Ring Worth?

The coveted super bowl ring is made out of incredible metals and diamonds


As the football playoffs get into full swing, players start to dream of the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl ring. If you ask one of these players how much a Super Bowl ring is worth to them, they would probably say it is priceless. For them, it’s more about what the ring represents — reaching the pinnacle of their sport.

However, if you’ve ever seen the bling on a Super Bowl champion’s finger, you know those little pieces of finger jewelry could fetch a serious price on the open market, with all those diamonds shining from their gold housing. How much is that Super Bowl ring actually worth? Well, it kind of depends.

How a Super Bowl Ring Is Made

The value of each ring starts out with a $5,000 base allotted to the winning team by the NFL. A Super Bowl championship team worth billions is usually willing to add a lot more value than that, though. The rings are always made of gold, but how many diamonds and how big they are is purely up to the team.

One tradition is to include a large football-shaped diamond for each Super Bowl victory the team has amassed in its existence. If it’s a team like the New England Patriots, that can mean a lot of big diamonds. In fact, in 2005, the Patriots created the most valuable Super Bowl rings featuring 14-carat white gold with diamonds all around. This 100-gram ring is currently worth about $65,000 in precious metal and stones.

How Each Ring Is Valued

Before you send the Super Bowl ring that fell into your lap to Pease & Curren for safe, effective stone removal and gold refining, find out who it belonged to. While most pieces of gold or jewelry either have great intrinsic value or great collectible value, Super Bowl rings have both.

Remember that only a select number of Super Bowl rings are made each year, one for every member of the team. That means your Super Bowl ring is not only one of a handful of rings like it, but it is also one that once adorned the finger of someone who participated in winning one of the greatest prizes in all of sports — The Vince Lombardi Trophy. You probably won’t get much more than the precious metal and stone value for the Super Bowl ring that belonged to the assistant linebackers coach of the 1987-88 Washington Redskins, but one from a Hall of Famer or Super Bowl MVP could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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