How Are Diamonds Priced?

Whether you are new to the diamond trade or are becoming more experienced with diamond sales, you may be somewhat curious about just how diamonds are priced.

You probably know about the four Cs — cut, clarity, color and carat — which are the basic factors that determine pricing. What do these terms actually mean, though?

  • Cut: The most valuable diamonds are round. Other popular shapes include princess cuts, asschers, radiants and cushions. Less-valuable cuts are ovals, pears and emerald cuts, and some of the most inexpensive cuts are marquises. Only round diamonds get cut grades, which are determined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A higher-grade cut can fetch a significantly greater price. Determining cut is a complex process based on a wide variety of factors, like depth of cut, facets and angles, girdle width, polish and symmetry.


  • Color: When it comes to white diamonds, you are looking for as little color as possible. We color-grade white diamonds on a scale of D to Z, with D being colorless, and hence, the most valuable.


  • Clarity: Clarity is a simple concept, but not always simple to determine. A stone with greater clarity has fewer imperfections, and the more imperfections, the lower the grade. If a diamond looks clear upon inspection, it probably has few imperfections, but you need a true gemologist to determine if it has any flaws.


  • Carat: More carats in a diamond means a higher cost, but you should also be aware that the dollar value per carat scales. Therefore, at certain plateaus called magic sizes, the cost per carat goes up.


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