The year in review: refining and your long term wealth

We are constantly working to improve our customer’s experience here at Pease & Curren. We recently ran an analysis to see over a year’s time what the difference in return would be between our true fire assay process and return and the process and return of a popular cash on the spot gold buyer.   We… Read More »

Gold dust & gold rush

Survival. Corporate longevity. Documented evidence suggests most companies, even the largest of corporations, remain in business for an average of 40 years. In fact the average age of companies on the S&P 500 has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century. Per Professor Richard Foster of Yale University, average company lifespan is… Read More »

What is rose “gold”?

 What is Gold Alloy? Different colors of gold alloys are just as “real” as their yellow gold counterparts. Have you ever been confused by the terms: black hills gold, white gold, green gold, and rose gold? The Meaning of a Karat The “K” stands for karat, the system used to state how much pure gold is… Read More »

Would you buy an investment if it paid off in 5 days?

TREATING GOLD AS AN INVESTMENT This post is for those who purchase resale jewelry from the general public. It has been our experience that many cash in their gold and jewelry to buyers quickly, often because of a cash flow issue or just because that is the way they have always done it. Below are three scenarios,… Read More »

Is it exploitation or a series of blunders?

Is it exploitation or a series of blunders? While we don’t chance processing mined materials, we do hear story after story such as the one here, of investors investing in an industry they know very little about.  Investors facilitating industrial growth for desperate governments and societies to build much needed infrastructure and aid for communities.… Read More »

Understanding the value of a diamond

Being a precious metals refiner we see many diamonds come through our factory to be processed.  Although we do not work with mined diamonds, we do process diamonds though our stone removal, sorting and appraisal services. We all know about the four “C’s” of valuing a diamond but we have come across some things you may… Read More »

Francis H. Curren II 1922 – 2015

Our flag is at half staff today at Pease & Curren, in tribute to our beloved owner, Mr. Francis H. Curren Jr, who has passed away at the age of ninety three. .