The year in review: refining and your long term wealth

We are constantly working to improve our customer’s experience here at Pease & Curren. We recently ran an analysis to see over a year’s time what the difference in return would be between our true fire assay process and return and the process and return of a popular cash on the spot gold buyer.


We analyzed a Southwest Retailer that has a standing monthly pickup for their precious metals scrap. They have been using the same local gold buyer for a while and like the convenience and the fact that they are paid immediately. The gold buyer pays 95-97% of plumb (spot price).

We will use an average for the monthly amount of gold scrapped which would be approximately 40 ounces and the median 96% of plumb to be fair.


Based on 40 ounces of gold per month – if this Southwest Retailer had used Pease & Curren’s true fire assay, they would have $6,000 more in their pocket this year.  Contact us to see how much you would have made. [email protected]

It is true, fire assay takes longer but would you rather keep ALL of your profit, or just a portion? It is a matter of days.

For more information on true fire assay /just-because-there-is-fire-doesnt-mean-it-is-true-fire-assay

Maximize in 2016

With gold prices being what they are, many of our customers have opted for the refine and hold option. This option allows gold to be sold right away when the market changes. With our new Pease & Curren “Vault” customer portal, information on the balance, history, orders is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Try us out in 2016 – remember always free secure containers, free shipping and  free insurance.