Ways to reduce your post holiday inventory

Even after the best retail holiday season, you are inevitably left with inventory that just did not sell.

Here are some suggestions on how to clean out the store quickly to make room for new merchandise.


1. Send It or Swap It

If you are a multi-store retailer this is an easy one. As you know some items sell well in one place and remain on the shelf in another, reallocation is often times your best bet.

If you are not a multi-store retailer, team up with another retailer or sell it online as opposed to the case in your store. Items that don’t sell with one demographic can many times appeal to another. So it is worth a try.

2. Revive and Resell

Online- Re-photograph and change the description of your item, market it in a different way. Pair it up with another item and put it on your website, Instagram, Pinterest, or social media as an online special.

Use pop-up promotions or a deals page, maybe an email sale to your best customers.

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