How illegal gold mining affects you

Over the past few months we have heard of precious metals refiners closing down over violations to the Dodd-Frank legislation.  Dodd-Frank as many of our readers know requires most larger companies to practice due diligence to ensure that any gold coming from certain countries is sourced properly. When refiners don’t comply with the legislation there… Read More »

Why we don’t use our induction furnace.

At Pease & Curren we are constantly assessing better, more efficient ways of doing things. Lately we have come across advertisements for Induction Furnaces.  Induction furnaces are said to be an environmentally friendly way to refine.

West Point Legacy Lives on at Pease & Curren Refinery

Forty-one class rings were donated this year to the West Point Association of Graduates 17th Annual Ring Melt Ceremony that will be held on February 27th beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Rhode Island refinery, Pease & Curren.

Happy Veteran’s Day

We would like to wish a Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served.  In honor of this day we would like to share a video from the West Point Ring Ceremony held at Pease & Curren last February.

What we do

Have you ever seen what goes on at a precious metals refinery? This is what we do… Want more…. check out our website at Or check out our Guide to Gold Buying

Gold dust & gold rush

Survival. Corporate longevity. Documented evidence suggests most companies, even the largest of corporations, remain in business for an average of 40 years. In fact the average age of companies on the S&P 500 has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century. Per Professor Richard Foster of Yale University, average company lifespan is… Read More »

Francis H. Curren II 1922 – 2015

Our flag is at half staff today at Pease & Curren, in tribute to our beloved owner, Mr. Francis H. Curren Jr, who has passed away at the age of ninety three. .