Why we don’t use our induction furnace.

At Pease & Curren we are constantly assessing better, more efficient ways of doing things. Lately we have come across advertisements for Induction Furnaces.  Induction furnaces are said to be an environmentally friendly way to refine.

An induction furnace is basically an advanced version of an electric furnace. It does not produce any smoke or harmful pollutants because it has a water cooling system and uses a medium frequency magnetic field.

I mentioned this method to our owner Kip Curren and he let me know we have one of these furnaces in house.

For the majority of our jobs we use the gas furnaces. Gas furnaces control the temperature more effectively.  The amounts of gas and oxygen can be adjusted accordingly. Based on our experience, the gas furnace produces a true homogeneous melt which is so important to getting paid on the true amount of precious metals in your lot.  Induction furnaces are good for untrained smelters because there is really no skill involved, just flip the switch but they are not the most accurate.

Our Induction Furnace
Our Induction Furnace

We do use our induction furnace from time to time. It works best for bars but when used for bench filings, they turn into mud and for obvious reasons, it cannot be used for stone removal.  This type of furnace works best on product already melted into bars.

In the words of our owner:

“If I thought it was better, I would be using it”

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