A Jeweler’s Story. Why it pays to plan ahead.

We recently had a conversation with a jewelry store owner who has 5 locations and spends his time traveling between the stores. Each store has a manage r and the manager’s main concern is selling wedding rings, gemstones and custom jewelry. One of the stores has a resident goldsmith. All of the stone sizing, removal,… Read More »

Ways to reduce your post holiday inventory

Even after the best retail holiday season, you are inevitably left with inventory that just did not sell. Here are some suggestions on how to clean out the store quickly to make room for new merchandise.   1. Send It or Swap It If you are a multi-store retailer this is an easy one. As… Read More »

Understanding the value of a diamond

Being a precious metals refiner we see many diamonds come through our factory to be processed.  Although we do not work with mined diamonds, we do process diamonds though our stone removal, sorting and appraisal services. We all know about the four “C’s” of valuing a diamond but we have come across some things you may… Read More »