Should you hold your gold?

We are constantly getting customer calls into the refinery asking for advice – “Should we sell our gold and other precious metals? How will the Presidential election effect the gold price? What will the actions of The Fed have on metals?” Many times what historically has happened just simply isn’t the case.  

The view from my office window

When I tell people where I work, they just can’t visualize it.  I have a window in my office that overlooks the factory- I often forget how cool that really is. #Gold pour

Happy Memorial Day

This weekend we take time to remember and honor those who died while serving in our US armed forces. The words “thank you” do not seem powerful enough but we sincerely thank you for your ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. With honor and remembrance, Happy Memorial Day. Here is some footage from our 2016… Read More »

This is not a yard sale.

Many of our clients used to get quick cash for their precious metals.  A cash buyer would stop by look at what they had to offer- and give cash on the spot – kind of like a yard sale. With a little extra time and not a lot of effort, you can get the full… Read More »