Jeopardizing the value of the entire diamond industry

As a precious metals refiner who also specializes in stone removal, we can attest it has been increasingly hard to segregate real diamonds from the man-made. Advances in synthetics have made it impossible to identify fakes and it is because of this many synthetics are being sold into the market as the real thing. In fact, in 2015 a package containing 110 man-made… Read More »

The election and the gold price

Lots of conflicting views on what the election’s effect on gold price will be. This is what was in the news today…

Should you hold your gold?

We are constantly getting customer calls into the refinery asking for advice – “Should we sell our gold and other precious metals? How will the Presidential election effect the gold price? What will the actions of The Fed have on metals?” Many times what historically has happened just simply isn’t the case.  

5 Questions you should be asking your precious metals refiner

Over the years we have come across many who are unsure exactly what a refiner does and  the differences between refiners.  We won’t complicate it …here are 5 questions that will quickly narrow down your choices and ensure you are getting the most for your money.

Is it gold-filled or gold-plated?

We originally published this last year but many have requested again.  Here it is… With all of the different types of jewelry on the market these days and the influx of reclaimed pieces in the stores, it is sometimes difficult to identify the type of gold.  It is not wise to rely strictly on hallmarks… Read More »

5 Ways to Spot a Synthetic Diamond

Year after year the fakes are getting harder to distinguish. At Pease & Curren, although we do not claim to be gemologists, we continually upgrade our testing equipment to keep in step with the fast growing synthetic diamond market. It used to be we could “frost” the stones. Frosting is a chemical process during which… Read More »

Gold Price Rises- So Do the Fakes

Increase in demand for coins is brought on by the increase of the gold price this year.  Although forgeries have been around for centuries, they sometimes get better with age.  Buyer Beware.