5 Questions you should be asking your precious metals refiner

Over the years we have come across many who are unsure exactly what a refiner does and  the differences between refiners.  We won’t complicate it …here are 5 questions that will quickly narrow down your choices and ensure you are getting the most for your money.

Do you use a true fire assay process?

Fire assay is a multi-step process to recover precious metal- it is proven to recover 20 times more gold than X-ray processes and other melt processes. All “melts” are not fire assay.  Many customers are not aware of this or are led to believe all refining is the same.

Do you use cyanide or other toxic chemicals in your stone removal process?

Cyanide of course is toxic and many times refiners who promise quick processing of stone lots use cyanide in their processing. We have had customers come to us and specifically ask if we used cyanide because they have had instances where their employees have experienced light headedness and shortness of breath after working with stones processed by a refiner that uses cyanide in the process.

What type of process do you use to refine “low grade” or “sweeps” materials?

For processing low grade materials such as Torit filters, polishing buffs, shop floor sweeps, vacuum bags, protective equipment, paper, sink sludge and carpets the refining process varies between refiners.

Our “sweeps” processing as many customers call it, utilizes a slow roast to eliminate “spitting” of materials. Many refiners do not utilize this type of process and much of your precious metals end up going out the stacks of the refiner’s facility.  Lack of proper containment is a big issue with sweeps and many customers are not aware of this.

What fees are you charging for your refining?

If a refiner says “no fees”. Beware.  If a refiner is paying you 99% with no fees – how are they making their money? You can be sure the fees are hidden somewhere.

What security measures do you take when handling my precious metals and stone lots?

This question could also be “how long have you been in business?” Many refiners come and go through the years but we have been in business since 1916.  We run a tight ship here at Pease & Curren.  There are strict protocols with regards to who can go in our factory and the way your material is handled.

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