E-Retail: Supreme Court Changes the Rules

Many brick and mortar retailers are noticing a boost this shopping season because of a recent Supreme Court decision closing a tax loophole that had favored online commerce. For many years, the law prohibited states from charging sales taxes to businesses that did not have a physical location in the taxing state. In South Dakota… Read More »

Riding the Rebounding Retail Jewelry Market

After last year’s record number of store closures, our jeweler friends will be happy to know that the American retail is finally rebounding. Tax cuts have left more discretionary income in consumers’ wallets. Luxury retailers, such as jewelers, stand to benefit the most . Relationships are key Because Amazon has so changed consumers’ expectations, the brick and… Read More »

Unloading your wedding ring

My divorce took place years ago. For a while I was wearing my wedding ring on my right hand but now I am downright sick of looking at it.  I tried to sell it in the local pawn shops and retail jewelry stores but because was not a traditional wedding ring with a solitaire, I was advised to sell it on… Read More »