Pease & Curren’s Response to COVID-19

A message from the Vice President of Pease & Curren Refinery:

Dear Valued Customers and Precious Metals Community,

During this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19, Pease & Curren has much to be thankful for. We remain open and fully operational, and I am fully confident that our strong financial position will allow us to weather anything that this situation throws at us.

We have been closely following news of the virus and have consulted experts. Under their advice, we have established best practices for our staff and operations. We have established work from home options for administrative and support staff, and we are following best practices for the safety of refinery personnel. Pease and Curren is a safe place to ship your precious metals.

The jewelry industry is more than a luxury. Many of our customers–such as pawnbrokers and jewelers who purchase precious metals from the public–are providing crucial financial liquidity to people who need to purchase groceries and other supplies. We in turn stand ready to support these partners. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-343-0906.

Thank you and stay safe,

Frank Curren

Vice President — Pease & Curren Refinery

About the Author

Before becoming a gold refiner, Frank Curren attended Georgetown Law and worked for a non-profit focusing on financial services litigation.

Frank Curren
Frank Curren, the piscivorous gold refiner