So your small diamonds aren’t worth anything?

It always blows our mind when a company sends in a shipment of overstock jewelry with the largest diamonds taken out but the majority of the other, smaller diamonds are left in.  We make a phone call, to ask if the customer would like us to process their stones. Many times they say “no thanks, those tiny diamonds aren’t worth anything.”


 You know the diamonds we are talking about; the small diamonds that are too time consuming to pop out of the settings?  Or they are damaged when you try -The ones you hand over to a cash buyer but net nothing or simply throw in the refining melt to be burned up in your refiner’s incinerator.  “The diamonds are worth nothing, they aren’t worth the time or energy to get them out.” you may say. 

Well don’t throw those diamonds in the trash just yet.  At Pease & Curren we have a better way.  

We had this one pawnbroker, who for years just sent out his scrap jewelry to someone else, only to recover the gold. He didn’t see any value in recovering the small diamonds. After he refined with us, he received close to $20,000 for his diamonds but he was also paid on the platinum and the silver in his lot, which had never happened before.

Our process recovers Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium as well as ALL of the diamonds, even the smallest melee. This is done without using harmful cyanide and without scratching a single diamond. Perfectly clean every time.  If you wish, we then frost the CZ’s, and sort the diamonds into six sizes. 

Our clean and sort is often called the “best in the business” but we feel the best part happens after. Once or twice per month we have three diamond buyers from different parts of North America come in. The buyers place blind bids on the diamonds and the highest bid is given to you by our customer service department.  You can choose to accept the bid or to have your stones shipped back to you. 

The majority of our customers decide to accept the bid.

 Give our process a try, do it once and you won’t go back to the old way of doing things.

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