Why Gold Is Used In Dentistry

Gold is a very popular choice among dentists and for good reason. Gold has special properties other metals do not have.


Everyone knows that one of the major uses of gold is in dentistry. The idea of someone showing off a gold tooth or “grillz” as a fashion statement may seem like a product of modern culture, but it may interest you to know that people have been putting gold in their mouths for cosmetic purposes for literally thousands of years.

However, today’s dentists don’t just use gold in their work because it looks pretty. Gold actually has some very important chemical properties that make it ideal for dentistry. For example:

Gold Is Safe

You probably learned as a child not to put foreign objects in your mouth. There’s a good reason for this. Your skin protects the rest of your body from the toxins and hazards of the outside world so the sensitive organs within do not get infected. When you put something in your mouth, you are bypassing all that protection, and anything that is toxic or likely to transmit disease will certainly infect or poison you if you leave it in your mouth long enough. Gold is a sterile, stable metal that does not interfere with your body’s functioning. It will not leak toxicity or degrade your gums or teeth.

Gold Is Durable but Flexible, Just Like Your Teeth

One of the miracles of teeth is that they are not so hard as to be uncomfortable, but they are hard enough to cut and mash your food to make it easy to swallow and digest. They’re also tough enough to last a lifetime — or most of a lifetime. Gold has similar properties. It is flexible enough for you to alter its shape if necessary, but tough enough to resist wear.

Gold Looks Cool

People wear gold all over and around their faces when they don’t have a dental issue, from earrings to nose studs to eyebrow hoops to necklaces. If you’re going to fill a tooth with something, why not some nice, shiny gold?

In the end, while there are other options, dentists have been using gold for millennia because it is one of the substances that feels and acts like real teeth in your mouth. Plus it looks cool.

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