Direct Buy is available to all Pease & Curren customers who use our stone removal program to remove and refine reclaimed jewelry with stones.   Direct Buy is truly a value add service for customers.

Twice per month, North American diamond buyers come to Pease & Curren to blind bid on customer’s stone lots. Unlike other diamond buying services, Pease & Curren does not purchase and resell the diamonds. The check is issued directly from Buyer to Seller.

  •  3 Top Buyers blind bid making for very competitive bids.
  • No obligation to the customer. You may choose not to accept any bids if you wish.
  • Save man hours on marketing your own stones.
  • Be assured of getting the best price possible.
  • Pease & Curren will securely hold your merchandise until customer release. No shipping or traveling to shows to sell and risking loss.

Experience NO RISK diamond selling. Last year Pease & Curren customers received 35% more for their diamonds by using Direct Buy.

Try our Stone Removal Program and choose the Direct Buy option