The Pease & Curren fiber solution recovery process increases precious metals recovery yield while reducing traditional refining and solutions processing costs. Optimal applications include: to refine electroplating baths, drag out rinses and solutions for various markets including: aerospace, dental and jewelry.

The core of the process is an advanced metal scavenger that offers a simpler, faster and more cost-effective solution for precious metals recovery previously provided by conventional methods such as chemical extraction and crystallization. The metal scavenging fibers offer high loading and fast recovery rates increasing the metal recovery result.

This process ensures reduced variability and better control over materials. Process refining material when convenient, improving cash flow. Pease & Curren’s one step process virtually eliminates all precious metal loss. Recover even the trace amounts of precious metals, leaving nothing behind. By eliminating large volume shipping, costs are substantially reduced.

“This fiber solution refining process is perfect for those with time constraints or multiple metal streams” states Kim Michalik, President of Pease & Curren. “In addition, for those sending in solution to their refiner, shipping, treatment charges are substantially reduced”.

Pease & Curren will set up the scavenging process efficiently using existing equipment. Containers are provided free of charge with tamper proof seals.

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About Pease & Curren With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, the Pease & Curren way is disciplined, honest, consistent, and reputable. We provide the most accurate precious metals refining available on the market today, bringing consistently higher yields to our customers, resulting in maximum returns.   Pease & Curren serves the dental, manufacturing, pawn/buyers, recycling and retail jewelry markets.

Pease & Curren has superior programs including: Stone Removal, Appraisal Services, fiber solutions recovery and a fire assay process that is 20 times more accurate than x-ray. Our facility is one of the most secure refineries in North America and coupled with our five star customer service, we continue to serve our customers with top quality refining.