Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for almost a century, introduces the Pease & Curren Corporate Retail Advantage Program. The Corporate Retail Advantage is a retail jewelry recycling and precious metals reclamation program designed to maximize and track the return for jewelry retailers and bench jewelers with multiple locations and/or larger facilities.

With Pease & Curren Corporate Retail Advantage, the customer is provided a concierge customer service program through which they will receive customized reporting on gold/precious metals processed and the return for each of their locations. Our refining consultant will offer suggestions for waste reduction and ways to maximize the return on recycling and refining. If so desired a team member will visit your location and set up your recycle program to ensure maximum results. Our account managers make it as easy as possible to recycle with free containers shipped to your door, free insurance and pickup – all scheduled by the Pease & Curren staff for your convenience.

Multiple settlement options are also available: checks can be issued to the Corporate office, to the individual stores, or the customer can choose a pool option where the precious metals would remain on hold until all of the stores have shipped their recyclables into our recycle/jewelry reclamation center for processing.
Superior processes produce superior results.

Pease & Curren boasts a fire assay process, which has been proven to be the most accurate method of precious metals refining on the market today. Twenty times more accurate than melt and x-ray analytics. The P&C Premium Stone Removal program, thought of as the “best in the business” and a state of the art Sweeps process for scrap that has been proven time after time to produce the highest customer return.

All precious metals are recovered and your return is based on actual recovery, not an estimate.

“Pease & Curren is proud to be a valued partner with many large retail chains” says Ray Farnsworth, Vice President of Pease & Curren refiners. “It was only natural that we would expand upon our business within that space with this program, we look forward to continued successful returns for our customers”.

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In addition to the excellent quality of our service, we go the extra mile and offer, upon request, a free, no-obligation third-party appraisal service on all stone lots. Three appraisals are obtained from a variety of appraisers from all parts of the US, so you are assured the best possible price for your stone lot. Your stones never leave our facility, and stones are only viewed under management’s supervision. Our facility is one of the safest in North America so your stones are protected with us. Stone sorting for clarity and/or size is also available saving a substantial amount of time for our customers.


About Pease & Curren

With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, the Pease & Curren way is disciplined, honest, consistent, and reputable. We provide the most accurate precious metals refining available on the market today, bringing consistently higher yields to our customers, resulting in maximum returns.

Pease & Curren serves the dental, manufacturing, pawn/buyers, recycling and retail jewelry markets. P&C has superior programs including: Stone Removal, Appraisal Services, and a fire assay process that is 20 times more accurate than melt and X-Ray analysis. Our facility is one of the most secure refineries in North America and coupled with our five star customer service, we continue to serve our customers with top quality refining.