Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century has announced they will now offer Precious Metals Loss Prevention Audits as an added value to customers. The audit uses best practices from major manufacturers and incorporates them into the facility’s daily processes.

Upon request, a Pease & Curren refining consultant will be dispatched to your facility to perform an audit. They will then provide insight as to where improvements can be made or what may increase returns in the reclamation process. A recent customer audit revealed a simple maintenance step was missing which was costing that customer $8,000 – $10,000 in profit every year. Basically the customer was “throwing money away” as hidden precious metals were found in some cleaning supplies that were improperly disposed of.

 “The most prestigious jewelers depend on us to handle their precious metals and stone removal” states Raymond Farnsworth, Vice President of Pease & Curren Refiners. “By adding this service, we are providing a way for manufacturers to uncover precious metals waste in the manufacturing process”.

For more information or to schedule your audit:

About Pease & Curren

With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, the Pease & Curren way is disciplined, honest, consistent, and reputable. We provide the most accurate precious metals refining available on the market today, bringing consistently higher yields to our customers, resulting in maximum returns.

Pease & Curren serves the cremation, dental, manufacturing, pawn/buyers, recycling and retail jewelry markets. P&C has superior programs including: Premium Stone Removal, Choice Appraisal Services, and a fire assay process that is 20 times more accurate than melt and X-Ray analysis. Our facility is one of the most secure refineries in North America and coupled with our five star customer service, we continue to serve our customers with top quality refining.