Revolutionary proprietary filtering process guarantees all diamonds are retrieved.

Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century, introduces a revolutionary upgrade to the already premium stone removal process.

This revolutionary, proprietary, filtering process guarantees all diamonds are recovered from the settings.

Pease & Curren consistently reviews processes to find the best methods to increase efficiency for our refining processes. This new proprietary screening process ensures maximum filtering by using a specially designed container for stones which allows recovery of even the smallest of melee. In addition, the process is cyanide-free, so there is no harm to the environment or employees who handle the stones.


  • Save man hours on stone removal.
  • No more cracked stones
  • Be assured of getting the best price possible.

Customers are encouraged to use the Direct Buy Diamond Buy service to get the highest return on diamonds. Unlike other diamond buying services, Pease & Curren does not purchase and resell the stones. The check is issued directly from Buyer to Seller.

Experience NO RISK diamond selling. Last year Pease & Curren customers received 35% more for their diamonds by using our buying service.

Try our Stone Removal Program and choose the Direct Buy option

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About Pease & Curren

With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, the Pease & Curren way is disciplined, honest, consistent, and reputable. We provide the most accurate precious metals refining available on the market today, bringing consistently higher yields to our customers, resulting in maximum returns.

Pease & Curren serves the cremation, dental, manufacturing, pawn/buyers, recycling and retail jewelry markets. P&C has superior programs including: Premium Stone Removal, Choice Appraisal Services, and a fire assay process that is 20 times more accurate than melt and X-Ray analysis. Our facility is one of the most secure refineries in North America and coupled with our five star customer service, we continue to serve our customers with top quality refining.