Pease & Curren, a precious metals refiner/recycler for over a century releases a new corporate capabilities video.

With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, Pease & Curren has evolved with advanced technologies and services. In this video Pease & Curren showcases all of the extras the company brings to the refining market. The refiner’s premiere services are a cut above and the reason why the most prestigious jewelers depend on Pease & Curren to handle their precious metals and stone removal.

Services include:

The Corporate Retail Advantage program which is a retail store recycle and precious metals reclamation program designed to maximize and track the return for jewelry retailers and bench jewelers with multiple locations.

The Premium Stone Removal and 3rd Party Appraisal services. These services are called “the best in the business” by customers. Pease & Curren boasts the cleanest stones returned to customers and when put side by side with competitors, Pease & Curren Premium Stone Removal is the obvious choice.

Fire Assay Karat Refining is done with true fire assay not a melt and X-ray, resulting in the most accurate returns available. State of the Art Sweeps are done using a slow roast process which prevents material loss, maximizing return.

The customized Customer Portal “The Vault” provides customer’s 24/7 access to their accounts.

 Stone Sorting, Solutions Recovery, Customized Reporting and many other services at the one stop shop Pease & Curren precious metals refining.   For more information:

About Pease & Curren

With 100 years in the precious metals refining business, the Pease & Curren way is disciplined, honest, consistent, and reputable. We provide the most accurate precious metals refining available on the market today, bringing consistently higher yields to our customers, resulting in maximum returns.

Pease & Curren serves the cremation, dental, manufacturing, pawn/buyers, recycling and retail jewelry markets. P&C has superior programs including: Premium Stone Removal, Choice Appraisal Services, and a fire assay process that is 20 times more accurate than melt and X-Ray analysis. Our facility is one of the most secure refineries in North America and coupled with our five star customer service, we continue to serve our customers with top quality refining.